Stone Flooring in Anaheim

Stone flooring is a very popular flooring system solution amongst Anaheim commercial businesses. As many business owners know, durability, cost-effectiveness, and style are three very important factors to the flooring materials that they choose to outfit their space with. It is very common for business owners to seek flooring solutions that marry their aesthetic preferences with function, longevity and low maintenance. These qualities can all be found in stone flooring. Stone flooring is a highly durable and versatile flooring material. At Smith Floors & Installations, we have specialized in installing, replacing and repairing stone flooring systems in Anaheim homes and businesses. As Anaheim’s trusted stone flooring specialist, we are committed to providing our clients with attractive price points and highly skilled, professional and friendly flooring installations. We provide convenient scheduling and full spectrum consultation to all of our Anaheim commercial clients because that’s what we believe they deserve.

Stone flooring never goes out of style. A stone floor brings up the feeling of naturally cool, modern and sleek aesthetic. Stone floors are perfect for warm climates, humid areas, and areas that are exposed to heavy foot traffic. Stone flooring can be installed and enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. There are many types of stone flooring types available to choose from. Each different type of stone has its own specific quirks and learning about these can help you determine which type of stone is right for your Anaheim commercial space.

Popular Stone Floors in Anaheim


There are hundreds of varieties of granite that differ in color and finish that you can choose from. Granite is a great choice for floors since it is elegant, classic and durable. It does not stain or crack due to its low level of porousness.


Valued for its natural look, limestone is made up of sedimentary materials such as rocks, shells, and coral. Therefore, it is not uncommon for it to vary in color from tile to tile. Limestone is a very popular choice in Anaheim however it is recommended that it be sealed due to its porousness.


Marble: By far the most elegant of all stone types, marble has been praised worldwide for its timeless beauty and aristocratic feel. Favored by hotels, department stores, and shopping malls, marble is a bit more high maintenance than the other stone types. For example, it does tend to stain so if your space is prone to spills and heavy furniture being moved, we recommend that it be sealed with a protective coating and re-finished once every 10 years. Another more affordable option that has the look and feel of marble is travertine, which is a form of limestone.

These are just some of the popular types of stone available in Anaheim. To find out more about stone flooring, and to visit our showroom, stop by our Anaheim headquarters or call us our the phone. One of our friendly, qualified team members will be happy to show you around.