At Smith Floors & Installations, we specialize in the design, installation, and repair of high-quality flooring systems in the local area. We have been servicing our clients for many years, and have earned the position as one of the area's leading commercial flooring specialists. Our reputation is one of excellent craftsmanship, friendly customer service, and a can-do attitude. We strive to live up to this reputation and exceed our clients' expectations on every single job we take.

What is aFlooring System?

A flooring system is more than just a simple floor. It is a custom designed product that works for the unique needs of your space. A good flooring system should make your space work for you by outfitting it with a functional, attractive and long-lasting floor that you and your clients will enjoy.

A Personalized Flooring System Just for You

At Smith Floors & Installations, we go beyond just the simple installation of a floor. We take the time to listen carefully to our clients' needs so that we can come up with a creative and tailor-made solution just for them. We go the extra mile to find the most affordable, high-quality products that will satisfy the practical and financial goals of our clients. This kind of personalized service is what our clients keep coming back to us for. At Smith Floors & Installations, we just get it right.

Flooring Systems in Wet Areas

For a safe, durable and long-lasting flooring system for a wet area such as a change room, locker room or spa, or commercial Kitchens we recommend Epoxy coating or tile. These materials last a very long time and offer the ultimate protection against moisture, humidity, and fluctuations in temperature. Keep yourselves and your clients safe with a high-quality flooring solution for your wet space.

Soundproof Flooring Systems

For some commercial spaces, having a soundproofed flooring system is necessary. This is true for hospitals, libraries, banks, multi-family, retirement living and hotels. We have managed to install effective acoustic flooring in many commercial spaces including high profile recording studios, condominiums and much more. There are many products and materials available on the market today to effectively soundproof existing or new floors. Just ask one of our specialists to find out more!

Natural HardwoodFlooring Systems

Hardwood flooring systems are a classic, chic and sophisticated solution for any commercial space. Any species of wood may be used for a commercial flooring system; however it is always recommended that it be in a well ventilated, dry space. A wood flooring system would not be ideal to a space exposed to natural weather elements or excessive moisture. Hardwood flooring systems are popular choices for offices, shopping malls, recreation halls, gymnasiums, theaters, and other commercial spaces.

To learn more about our company and our products and services, call us today or stop by in person. One of our friendly team members will be glad to assist you. We can't wait to help you get closer to achieving the commercial flooring system of your dreams!

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