The right floors in your commercial space can make all the difference. In any room, the right flooring can transform it from humdrum to unforgettable. These days our clients are looking more and more for a flooring material that can offer them a distinct feel that works with their particular design aesthetic while keeping costs to a minimum. Our suggestion is a flooring material that’s often overlooked, LVT.

LVT flooring offers an array of pros, with some notable cons to keep in mind when thinking practically about your space. For our clientele, our trained professionals can walk you through the process, considerations and benefits of LVT flooring installation in your commercial space.

Renewable, Beautiful and SimpleLVT Flooring for the Design Conscious

There are a number of pros to LVT flooring that may surprise you. For one, it’s actually shown to have remarkable health benefits and enhanced slip-resistant technology. Some LVT products contain an anti-microbial surface treatment, meaning that LVT flooring not only makes a space more beautiful but also healthier. It’s optimal for people who have issues with air quality in their business such as healthcare etc. LVT also has superior load bearing properties, which makes it a suitable flooring for many applications.

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