Stone Flooring in San Bernardino

Natural stone flooring offers San Bernardino commercial clients a long lasting and carefree flooring solution. Timelessly stylish, stone flooring is an excellent choice for many of San Bernardino’s commercial business spaces. There are many options available to San Bernardino clients that can make installing stone flooring in your commercial space an affordable project. For example, limestone, ceramic and granite each have a wide array of variations ranging in price per square foot, making stone an affordable flooring solution option.

Low-Maintenance - Stone flooring requires very little maintenance. A general sweeping and occasional mopping is all you need to keep your commercial stone flooring system in tip-top shape for many years. In commercial spaces such as restaurants that use common acidic substances such as lemon juice, oil or vinegar, it is recommended that the stone floor is sealed with a protective coating. This can be done easily and at a low cost.

Durable - Stone flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic and excessive amounts of weight without cracking. Stone flooring has stood the test of time as the most durable flooring solution in the world. You won’t need to worry about chips or scratches since stone flooring is not susceptible to it.

Allergy-Free - Unlike carpet or hardwood, dust and other allergens do not stick to stone, making it a very attractive option for those San Bernardino clients who suffer from allergies.

Other Benefits of Stone Flooring Include:

  • Timeless, unique appearance
  • Adds value to your commercial space

Popular Types of Stone Used for Flooring in San Bernardino Include:

Slate - Admired for its textured look, slate is a great choice for a modern space and works well both indoors and outdoors. Slate is quite durable and does not need to be treated with any kind of protective coating, making it an ideal solution for those customers who want a low maintenance product.

Marble - A beautiful but slightly more high maintenance stone. Marble stains and scratches easily, so it is recommended that it be sealed for ultimate protection and longevity.

Granite - One of the most durable types of stone, it is considered virtually 100% waterproof. This type of stone is great for kitchens, restaurants, and spaces with high foot traffic or exposure to moisture.

Travertine - A beautiful tan, cream or other neutral toned stone, it is admired for its modern look and slight variation of marbling. It requires a coat of sealant to ensure it does not absorb debris.

Limestone - A compound stone that comes in many colors, textures, and finishes, limestone is rather porous but is admired for its natural qualities.

The timeless beauty of stone flooring is a popular choice among our San Bernardino commercial clients. To learn more about the different types of stone flooring available, or to visit our showroom, do not hesitate to stop by our San Bernardino headquarters. We are conveniently located with easy access from most public transport routes. Our team of licensed, bonded and insured professionals will be happy to assist you in finding the ideal stone flooring solution that suits the aesthetic vibe of your space and your budget too.