Hardwood Flooring in San Bernardino

A hardwood floor is a timeless and sophisticated solution for any commercial space. A hardwood floor is very versatile in that it can be easily customized to suit any room. At Smith Floors & Installations, we specialize in providing expertly executed, creative flooring solutions for our San Bernardino commercial clients. We have been leading flooring specialists in the commercial sector for many years. Countless clients have counted on us to provide them with beautiful, affordable and professional looking flooring systems and solutions that last. We have made a name for ourselves by providing an unmatched standard of quality and excellent customer service. We are committed to continuing to provide this type of service to our clients located in San Bernardino and the surrounding areas.

So many of our San Bernardino clients have come to know and enjoy the many benefits that come with upgrading their commercial spaces with hardwood flooring. If you live in San Bernardino, chances are you’ve taken a few steps on a floor that we have installed. Hardwood flooring is the most time-tested, classic solution for professional looking floors that evoke style and elegance. Hardwood floors are perfect for a diverse range of commercial spaces such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Recreation Centers
  • Gymnasiums
  • Ballrooms
  • Theatres
  • Office Spaces

What makes hardwood flooring such excellent flooring solution is its aesthetic beauty, low maintenance care and diverse range of designs. For example, a gorgeous hardwood floor does not need to be fussed over in regards to cleaning. A simple sweep, vacuum, and occasional mop should do the trick for most hardwood floors. Regarding design, a hardwood floor can easily be customized due to the countless number of finishes, stains, and pre-finishes available on the market today. At Smith Floors & Installations, we can partially install a hardwood floor to match your pre-existing one, as well as seamlessly blend a hardwood flooring repair job.

No matter what style your commercial space is, we are sure to find the ideal solution for you. If you are looking to evoke a modern, sleek and clean feel to your San Bernardino space, we may suggest a modern looking light finish wood such as cedar or oak. Conversely, we have plenty of options for a classic, traditional hardwood finish such as Mahogany, Jarrah or Blackbutt. For a durable and affordable solution, we offer a wide array of parquet styles to choose from that will accent any space.

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