Stone Flooring in Los Angeles

Smith Floors & Installations is Los Angeles’s number one stone flooring expert. We specialize in the design, installation, preparation, and replacement of stone as well as other types of commercial flooring in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. For many years, we have provided trusted, professional and affordable commercial flooring services to our valued Los Angeles commercial and residential customers. We are committed to maintaining our success by continuing to provide the same kind of attentive care and quality craftsmanship to our clients at impressive price points.

Stone flooring is unique in its strength, sophisticated natural look, and timeless elegance. Admired worldwide for their charm, stone flooring articulates a sense of dignity, refinement and classic style that never ceases to impress. Contrary to popular belief, stone flooring does not have to be contained to an outside landscape. Stone is a highly versatile flooring material that can be stylishly incorporated into an indoor space. Many of our Los Angeles commercial clients favor stone flooring for its modern look, strong durability and easy maintenance.


Depending on the type of stone material you choose for your Los Angeles commercial space, the cost may fluctuate. For example, marble is a costly stone whereas rhone and other ceramic materials are less so. We carry many different stone flooring samples at our Los Angeles showroom for our clients to inspect. Although the upfront cost of materials will be more than laminate or vinyl, the durability and longevity of stone flooring pays for itself. Practically indestructible, stone flooring can last up to a lifetime with proper care. It can withstand very strong impacts, stands up to direct UV light, and does not scratch or dent if it is exposed to heavy foot traffic or heavy furniture being placed upon it.


Stone floors are very easy to maintain. A regular sweeping is recommended and the occasional mopping. Unlike carpet, stone flooring does not require deep cleaning, and it does not get damaged by leaks or spills. Stone is 100% waterproof and therefore perfect for wet spaces such as bathhouses, pools, community centers and modern retail stores. Marble and granite are slightly more high maintenance in that they tend to stain. However, this is mostly the case when these materials are used as kitchen countertops as opposed to floors. When stone is used as flooring, it is considered to be one of the easiest flooring materials to maintain.


There are a wide variety of stone materials to use on floors that vary in shade, texture, color and finish. We have finishing varnishes that can be used as protection and added shine. Many of our Los Angeles clients have already invested in their commercial stone flooring and have not looked back since. Don’t hesitate, if you are looking to upgrade your Los Angeles commercial space with a stone flooring system, consider contacting us at Smith Floors & Installations. We are conveniently located in Los Angeles and are accessible via most public transit routes.

We look forward to consulting with you and helping you find the best flooring solution for your Los Angeles commercial space!